Body Care Collections

Bio Cleansing Oil - SPACEUTICALS 120ml

PRODUCT DETAILS A luxurious light weight pre cleansing preparation specifically formulated to dissolve make-up, grime and dirt while strengthening the skins natural lipid barrier. This non-comedogenic skin conditioner is rich in antioxidants, omega oils and antibacterial aromaceuticals of lime, mandarin and tangerine peel to moderate sebum while clarifying and nourishing the complexion. KEY INGREDIENTS Apricot Kernel Oil Argan Oil Calendula Flower French Lavender Lemon Peel Lime Peel Mandarin Peel Rosehip Seed Sweet Almond Sunflower Seed Tangerine Peel Vitamin E

Application: Dispense one pump into clean dry hands and warm gently between palms. Apply to face including eyes, neck and décolletage. Add a small amount of warm water and massage well to decongest make up, oil and grime. For best results remove with a warm face cloth

Fruit Gommage

PRODUCT DETAILS Crushed hibiscus flower with enzymes of kiwi, raspberry and apple whipped through an exotic pink clay crème smooths, brightens and deeply nourishes the complexion. An innovative skin treatment combining the benefits of a refining exfoliant and replenishing hydration masque for visibly youthful skin. KEY INGREDIENTS Apple Apricot Kernel Australian Sandalwood Calendula Flower Hibiscus Flower Jojoba Oil Kiwi Fruit Mandarin Peel Pink French Clay Raspberry Roman Chamomile Rose Hydrosol Sweet Almond Sweet Orange Vitamin E

Application: Apply a small amount to freshly cleansed dry skin. Exfoliate by massaging over face, neck and décolletage. Allow to infuse for 10 minutes to receive the nourishing mineral masque benefits then remove by rinsing with warm water.

Hydra-C Mist - SPACEUTICALS 120ml

PRODUCT DETAILS A 100% active skin quenching solution of pro- vitamin B5 and pure Kakadu plum concentrate rich in natural vitamin C captured in an infusion of lime caviar and aromatic crushed citrus to hydrate and tone skin. An antioxidant skin drink drenched in hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and revitalise the complexion. Perfect for travel, work and play. KEY INGREDIENTS Aloe Vera French Lavender Hyaluronic Acid Kakadu Plum (40% Vitamin C) Lactic Acid Lemon Peel Lime Caviar Lime Peel Mandarin Peel Ocean Minerals Pro-Vitamin B5 Sodium L-Lactate White Grapefruit Peel

Lactic Cleaner - SPACEUTICALS 120ml

PRODUCT DETAILS A creamy smoothing formula enriched with L-Lactic acid blended with fermented papaya and extracts of liquorice, apple and white tea to cleanse and redefine tone while enhancing texture and hydration. Enriched with aromatic concentrates of neroli blossom, cypress and white grapefruit to reveal a visibly refined, revitalised and luminous complexion. KEY INGREDIENTS Aloe Vera Apple Concentrate Calendula Flower Camellia Seed Fermented Papaya French Lavender Geranium Leaf Grapefruit Peel Hazelnut Jojoba Lactic Acid 10% Lemon Peel Lime Peel Liquorice Neroli Blossom Niacinamide (B3) Peach Kernel Pro Vitamin B5 Sodium L-Lactate Spirulina Vitamin E White Tea

Application: Use daily to slough away dead skin cells. Apply one pump to face, neck and décolletage avoiding the sensitive eye area. Massage into skin and leave to infuse for up to one minute then remove with a warm face cloth and follow with your prescribed SPACE

Milk Cleanser - Waterlily 120ml

PRODUCT DETAILS An intense cleansing ritual enriched with anti-ageing botanicals to cleanse and repair. Jojoba infused with rose geranium and palmarosa balance the skins natural oils while purifying extracts of pineapple, lemon and green tea effectively remove make up and grime leaving skin luminous, hydrated and reconditioned. KEY INGREDIENTS Apricot Kernel Calendula Flower Chamomile Flower Green Tea Jojoba Oil Lemon Peel Palmarosa Pineapple Rose Geranium Rose Hydrosol Sweet Almond Vitamin E

Application: Apply undiluted to dry skin, massage well into face and neck adding water to gently emulsify dirt and grime. Remove with a warm face cloth. Follow with prescribed WATERLILY Serum and Moisturiser. Ideal as an effective eye make-up remover.

Phyto-B3 Serum - SPACEUTICALS 30ml

PRODUCT DETAILS Professional strength 5% niacinamide (Vitamin B3) formulated in a moisture-locking superfood skin serum of kale, broccoli and fermented papaya to target fine lines, uneven skin tone and redness. Boosted with milk thistle, goji berries and lime caviar to deliver the ultimate anti-ageing skin perfector. KEY INGREDIENTS Aloe Vera Broccoli Concentrate Fermented Papaya Frangipani Absolute French Lavender Ginseng Goji Berries Hyaluronic Acid Kale Concentrate Lavender Water Lemon Peel Lime Caviar Concentrate Lime Peel Mandarin Peel Milk Thistle Concentrate Niacinamide (5%) Pro Vitamin B5 Sea Mineral Concentrate Sodium L-Lactate Tangerine Peel

Application: For ultimate results blend 3 – 4 drops of serum with SPACEUTICALS Pure C + Peptides and apply to freshly cleansed skin. Follow with your prescribed SPACEUTICALS moisturiser.

Q10-Omega Serum - SPACEUTICALS 30ml

PRODUCT DETAILS A powerhouse antioxidant formula of coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid and vitamins A+E to stimulate cellular repair. Steeped in aromaceuticals and precious omega seed oils of desert lime, pomegranate and red raspberry to reverse wrinkles, combat UV damage and boost collagen to visibly rejuvenate skin.Application KEY INGREDIENTS Apricot Kernel Argan Oil Blackcurrant Seed Blackcurrant Bud Borage Flower Seed Cherry Kernel Cocoa Butter Coenzyme Q10 Desert Lime Seed Frankincense French Lavender Jojoba Seed Mango Seed Marula Oil Neroli Blossom Peru Balsam Pomegranate Seed Red Raspberry Seed Rose Absolute Rose Geranium Vanilla Bean Vitamin E Vitamin A Ylang Ylang

Application: Apply 2 – 3 drops and massage into freshly cleansed skin twice daily. Follow with your prescribed SPACEUTICALS moisturiser

Resveratrol Fx - SPACEUTICALS

PRODUCT DETAILS An indulgently decadent treatment masque to redefine the complexion. Active resveratrol whipped into a chocolate fondant provides protection from the damage caused by UV and oxidative stress. Micronized cacao exfoliates and refines skin while the resveratrol-vitamin complex boosts collagen to firm and hydrate, relax fine lines and improve skin elasticity. KEY INGREDIENTS Blackcurrant Bud Carrot Oil Calendula Flower Chamomile Flower Cocoa Butter Fig Extract French Lavender Grapeseed Lemon Peel Lime Peel Organic White French Clay Pomegranate Extract Polished Walnut Pro Vitamin B5 Raw Cacao Chocolate Resveratrol Rose Geranium Rose Hydrosol Shiraz Wine Strawberry Concentrate Vanilla Bean Vitamin E Vitamin A

Application: An age-defying exfoliant + masque in one! Apply a layer over face, neck and décolletage and allow to infuse for 10 minutes. Emulsify with warm water, massage and rinse to remove. Follow immediately with your prescribed SPACEUTICALS treatment serum and crè

Rose Mist

PRODUCT DETAILS An aqueous botanical infusion drenched in extracts of cucumber, aloe vera and grapefruit seed to hydrate and soothe skin while precious oils of rose, geranium and rosewood protect against dryness and sensitivity. Ideal as an aromatic moisture locking mist for travel, work and play. KEY INGREDIENTS Aloe Vera Cucumber Grapefruit Seed Moroccan Rose Rose Geranium Rosewood Rose Hydrosol

Application: Application Hold atomiser 20cm from face and mist directly over face neck and décolletage to create a refreshingly sublime experience. Ideal following cleansing and exfoliation and over face to set make up.

Smoothing Crème

PRODUCT DETAILS Polished walnut whipped into a kiwi fruit crème smooths the complexion to instantly refine, tone and brighten. A purifying blend of pink grapefruit, green tea and lemon peel detoxifies and decongests to equalise oil, while jojoba seed, apricot kernel and vitamin E replenishes to boost hydration. KEY INGREDIENTS Apricot Kernel Calendula Flower French Lavender Grapefruit Peel Green Tea Kiwi Fruit Lemon Peel Sweet Almond Vitamin E Walnut Shell White French Clay

Application: Apply a small amount to freshly cleansed dry skin. Exfoliate by massaging over face, neck and décolletage. Allow to infuse for 10 minutes to receive the nourishing mineral masque benefits then remove by rinsing with warm water.

SPACEUTICALS Bath Ritual Collection

PRODUCT DETAILS Lime Caviar Body Wash 65ml | Lime Caviar Body Creme 65ml Kakadu Plum Shampoo 65ml | Kakadu Plum Conditioner 65ml The Bath Ritual Collection captures native Australian plant actives steeped in antioxidant vitamins and botanical plant extracts to create a luxurious bathing ritual for travel or the sanctuary of home. A thoughtfully curated collection to revitalise and hydrate skin focusing on purity and green science. Natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in native extracts of lime caviar and kakadu plum protects skin in a deluxe collection free from sulphates, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives or synthetic fragrances or colours.