Relaxation Massage

1hr $145
1hr 30 mins $215
1hr duo for two people $280
1hr 30mins duo for two people $415

Experience the ultimate relaxation in this peaceful setting. A full body massage in our dreamy, candle lit room for singles or couples, with sensual oils burning and rainforest gums swaying in the gentle breeze, ensures that you will drift into a Rainforest Dreamtime. Float from this treatment totally relaxed and connected.

Pregnancy Massage

1hr $145
1hr 30 mins $215

A well deserved, soothing calming massage experience for mother and baby. Every effort is made to ensure your comfort using suitable support cushions for any stage of pregnancy. The neck, lower back, arms, hip and leg areas are concentrated on to release tension and relieve aches and pain.

Aromatherapy Massage

1 hour $145
1 Hour 30 min $215
1 Hour Duo for Two  $280
1 Hour 30 min Duo for Two $415

Go on a deeply sensory journey with a gentle relaxing Swedish style massage, incorporating the healing power of aromatic essential oils as an integral part of this beautiful experience. Leaving you floating in a sea of peace and calmness.

Heated Stones Massage

1hr $150
1hr 30 mins $225
1hr duo for two people $290
1hr 30mins duo for two people $435

For thousands of years hot stones have been used in healing practice throughout the world. Firm, rhythmic strokes using smooth heated volcanic stones mimic the flowing waters of a river. Healing energies penetrate deeply into the muscles releasing tension and stress. Luxurious hot oils soothe as this therapeutic massage has a profound effect on the body and state of mind inducing a feeling of well-being and harmony.

Moora Ritual Massage

1hr 30 mins $235
1hr 30 mins duo for two people $450

From a sensory perspective be transported to another dimension with exotic warm oils to soothe and relax while this firm rhythmic massage is performed incorporating smooth heated volcanic stones. A massage finale uses percussion with bamboo sticks to awaken and return you to earth. This amazing experience is far more than a massage. This ritual combines a firm hands on massage with smooth warm bamboo sticks gliding over the body, then deep pressure is applied to lower back /shoulder blades with shaped warm bamboo, interspersed with hot rocks deeply penetrating heat into the aching muscles for instant relief. This supreme experience is beneficial. This massage therapy requires 1hr 30 mins to allow the masseuse time to give you the ultimate in massage experience for your whole body. Once will never be enough! This massage is recommended for those who would like deeper work.

Enhancement Treats

Add a treat to enhance your facial or body experience. Only available in conjunction with other treatments and/or pacakges.

Express Massage

30 mins $80
Relaxing massage for the back, neck and arms.

Hydrotherapy Spa

30mins $40
Nestled among lush tree ferns and towering gums overlooking the mountains. A completely private relaxing experience.

Lotus Foot Ritual

30mins $80
Jasmine Wash, Walnut Exfoliation, Vigorous Heel Rasp, Firm Foot to Knee Massage, Nourishing Harmony Mask and Luscious Creams to Finish.

Lotus Hand Ritual

30mins $80
A rich blend of hydrating botanicals are used to cleanse & repair. Brisk bamboo exfoliation, followed with a relaxing massage and a nourishing harmony hand mask.

Moora Foot Ritual

30mins $80
Ylang Ylang Wash, Bitter Orange Exfoliation, Relax Massage with Heated Stones from Foot to Knee, then a Thermal Mud Wrap.

Nioka Hand Treatment

15mins $40
Relaxing massage with luscious Harmony hand mask.

Paraka Facial

30 mins $95
Express nourishing facial.

Tension Relief Scalp Massage

15mins $40
Firm kneading alternate brisk & slow massage technique.

Intensif Eye Treatment

15mins $40
Firming rose eye mask and nourishing white tea eye cream.