Foot Rituals

Foot Rituals

Walkabout Foot Ritual

1hr 15min $185
Surrender into this blissful spa experience for your feet that will soothe away aches and revive not only tired feet but every fibre of your being. Feel the tension melt away with the peppermint wash and dead cells and dry skin disappear with our aromatic Ginger and Lime scrub. Your therapist will adeptly give you a cuticle trim, heel and callous rasp, nail shape & file followed by a professional deeply relaxing massage to calves and feet with deep heel kneading. Heated Stones release tension further as feet are massaged and soothed. A Harmony and grapeseed mask is applied and feet and legs are completely re-energised wrapped in beautifully hot towels. Your choice of polish is applied as you sip herbal tea gazing at the lush tree ferns and peaceful gums. (includes Paint & top coat)

Enhancement Treats

Add a treat to enhance your facial or body experience. Only available in conjunction with other treatments and/or pacakges.

Express Massage

30 mins $80
Relaxing massage for the back, neck and arms.

Hydrotherapy Spa

30mins $40
Nestled among lush tree ferns and towering gums overlooking the mountains. A completely private relaxing experience.

Lotus Foot Ritual

30mins $80
Jasmine Wash, Walnut Exfoliation, Vigorous Heel Rasp, Firm Foot to Knee Massage, Nourishing Harmony Mask and Luscious Creams to Finish.

Lotus Hand Ritual

30mins $80
A rich blend of hydrating botanicals are used to cleanse & repair. Brisk bamboo exfoliation, followed with a relaxing massage and a nourishing harmony hand mask.

Moora Foot Ritual

30mins $80
Ylang Ylang Wash, Bitter Orange Exfoliation, Relax Massage with Heated Stones from Foot to Knee, then a Thermal Mud Wrap.

Nioka Hand Treatment

15mins $40
Relaxing massage with luscious Harmony hand mask.

Paraka Facial

30 mins $95
Express nourishing facial.

Tension Relief Scalp Massage

15mins $40
Firm kneading alternate brisk & slow massage technique.

Intensif Eye Treatment

15mins $40
Firming rose eye mask and nourishing white tea eye cream.